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The One Thing You Should Prioritize As A Developer

After talking with so many different developers and listening to their experiences, there is one thing that I learned to really focus on. It is something that we often overlook and never really pay attention to it until we reach the tipping point. This really needs to be at the forefront of the conversation when it comes to being a developer.

Thats Mental Health

Again, this is something we often overlook as devs. We can get carried away with "The Grind" or "The Hustle" when in reality, learning to code should be where we deploy patience and consistency over time. Not this idea of working/learning all day every day cause thats what we think we need to do to make it big as a developer. Completely not the case here.

Instead, we should take it one day at a time at a pace that is reasonable and maintainable. Learning how to control our pace will not only help us be more productive, but it will also keep us farther away from burnout. No one likes to burnout, especially when it comes to something we love to do! Which makes it even more important to stay at a steady pace.

Along with pacing, we need to take more time for our personal lives. That means taking breaks to go outside for a run, hangout with friends/family, read a book or anything that isn't related to your work! Having our minds wrapped around our work all the time is not only unhealthy, but counterintuitive. It is something I learned the hard way and don't want to see anyone else go through. I almost quit everything because of this very problem.


Short and sweet for my first blog post on a topic that is super important to me. Hope you got something out of that and if you want a more detailed explanation from me on this topic, check out my recent YouTube video that I made below! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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