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Nevertheless, Cher Coded

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"Why would anyone ask a girl to tutor them in math? You knew what he wanted."

"You're probably just a designer."

"You got hired because of your tits."

"You're only in the industry because you're the token female."

"You probably only know girl languages like CSS."

"You're not a real software engineer, you only know how to code on the web."

"You're too pretty to be an engineer."

"You don't look like an engineer."

"Who writes your code for you?"

These and other pop quizzes, being the only woman in the room, and being underpaid... for 20 years of math, science, and software.


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Jeez that's just revolting honestly. I mean some of the smartest people I've known have been gals.

Out of curiosity, what field of science do you work in? I'm surprised to see parts of the scientific community are discriminatory to such a degree as well, granted it's not like I'm a scientist, so I wouldn't know.


I'm an engineer, but for a brief period I worked in biotech, specifically in DNA marker mapping.


Ahh I once worked on a (personal) project dealing with DNA sequences (in FASTA), didn't work out so well XP but I digress.

Hope things get better and fairer in the tech, science and engineering space. Don't let it bog you down! Bet you're amazing at what you do!

I'm not letting it get me down. :) I'm a technical lead now, and I've been here for 14 years and I'll be here until I retire. <3

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