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How to list Open Source work on resume?

Hey you wonderful people! :)

So I've noticed that my profile is a bit different, in the sense that I try contributing more to issues(at my own pace) but I do not have impressive side-projects.

They are tiny UI fixes, changes to Rails models and stuff like that, I was wondering if it was worth creating a new section on my resume and mentioning my contributions and limit the number of side-projects to one as I seem to spend more time trying to find issues/repos and work on them rather than work on personal projects.

Would be great if any of you folks could weigh in!

Thanks in advance.

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Prashant Chaudhari

If your resume is not more than 2 pages and you still have space to include that then I think you should mention the projects that you have contributed. I usually include my GitHub profile on the top part where it is accessible easily. But mentioning the projects is also good think that way if you have contributed to some notable project then it will standout.

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Junxiao Shi

If I apply to Microsoft, I would include:

Contributed 19 pull requests to DefinitelyTyped, the repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

DefinitelyTyped is part of the ecosystem around TypeScript, a programming language from Microsoft.