Microsoft's new FREE font

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Microsoft has released a new free monospaced font called Cascadia Code. Bonus: it supports ligatures!

It will be released with the new iteration of the Windows Terminal, but they've also released it via a GitHub repo.

Has anyone tried it yet? What do you think?

Post up a screenshot of it with your editor's theme!

Here's mine with NightOwl on VS Code: note: For me, Polacode did not format it correctly, so I did the screenshot the old fashioned way.

Cascadia Code screenshot

And Dank Mono for comparison.

Dank Mono screenshot

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Its great that MS is getting in to open source.


They've been into open source for several years now in a big way. Visual Studio Code, the .NET runtime, TypeScript, contributions to Git and to the Linux kernel, etc.


Here is mine with Kaia Theme. I'm usually not a fan of the more stylized monospaced fonts but I may give this one a shot.
VSCode Screenshot


The new font looks to have more contrast and easier to read indeed!


I'm not a big fan of custom fonts like these. I mean, they do make for some pretty screenshots every now and then, but I find they end up adding too much sparkle and dazzle.
I guess I am pretty much alone in this opinion.


This is in Neovim using the Janah theme with my own flare (guy who created startify made this theme).



The italic variant font has a bad kerning when working with normal variant.


Agreed it definitely needs some work! But even the premium dank mono font is still a work in progress... It's still missing ligatures for the greater/less-than-or-equal-to operator.


So many cool new fonts.. and yet I can't move on from source code pro. Only direct adobe product I use. Tried everything, dank, fira, hack. I will try this too.


It's super nice!
Also, in comparison to Dank Mono, every font looks good. I can't understand how one can look at those italics.

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