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Dialogflow & Actions Builder

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Advanced chatbots using Dialogflow, Sentiment Analysis, Telephone Gateway and Firestore

Build your own Karaoke Box

Firebase + Actions Builder (Read/Write)

I got a Google Home — but can I build Actions myself?

My first steps with AIML and the opportunity of seeing Mitsuku — a three-time winner of the Loebner Prize Turing Test, live!

Learning to Build Actions using Dialogflow and Google Assistant at GDG Cloud London workshops

Open source projects on Github

Cloudrobe, your wardrobe in the cloud.
Women in tech mentor search


Firebase + Actions Builder (Read/Write)

Dialogflow Intents

Crie Actions para o Google Assistente

Dialogflow contexts — é possível usar uma variável definida em outros intents?

Construa Ações para o Assistente do Google usando o Actions Builder (Nível 1)

Crie seu primeiro App Conversacional


¡Mis primeros pasos con AIML y la oportunidad de ver a Mitsuku, tres veces ganador del Premio Loebner Turing Test!

Dialogflow: lo que necesitas saber sobre intents

Dialogflow contexts — es posible utilizar una variable definida en otros intents?

Reproducción de un mensaje de voz en Google Home

Mis primeros pasos con Google Assistant



Tutorial passo a passo para criar uma ação, 2020

Playlist - explicações sobre intents, entities e contexts, 2020

English - From 0 to Action, Milton Keynes, February 2019

Building Conversational Actions, Athens, 2019

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