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The courage to learn and to build a conversational action

The messages below makes the months of: planning, creating content, reaching out to mentors, learning how to set a discord server, brainstorming the digital gifts, choosing the best platforms for each format of interaction, mentoring and really... asking the community what works for them and being there for them...worth it.


"It was a bit challenging at first. But it got easier once I opened it locally on my pc instead and treated it like a normal javascript project. It was cool and I was definitely surprised how intelligent the AI is."

"Hey Amanda Thanks a lot for organising and Mentoring me through out this month. It was amazing learning journey for me. Really nice to interact with you again on this platform. Considering this is start of journey, will keep adding more and more features "

"Thank you for helping to inspire people."

"Amanda, thanks so much for being patient and kindly supporting me to ensure the functions work! Writing to a db from a dialogflow/actions console is such a big achievement(for me) thanks for showing me the way"

"It was really a repeat when I managed to integrate my endpoint with actions on Google. Then everything moved much smoother"

The participants of our month-long event to celebrate International Women's Month did have the courage to create their conversational actions.

The agenda was as follows:

March 1 - Online event at 18:00 (UK Time)

March 2 to 5 - Free training with videos, articles to read and hands-on labs to practice. (Off-line at your own pace).

March 6 - Deadline to submit your action idea you'll implement.

March 7 to 30 - The days to develop your idea into an action.

March 14 and 17 (+ other unplanned dates when participants needed help) - Online event at 18:00 (UK Time) to answer your questions you might have whilst building your action.

Just gave a three-hour #AogDevs live mentoring for the @gdgcloud #IWD2121 #CourageToCreate on discord to two @participants. It's nice to see the new features working on their actions.

— Amanda Cavallaro (@chibichibibr) March 29, 2021

Late night pair programming on discord with she's had the #couragetocreate an educational action and we're fixing some @actionsongoogle webhook logic & @firebase firestore integrations together.

We did sing we are the champions in the end.#IWD21

— Amanda Cavallaro (@chibichibibr) March 25, 2021

March 31 - It's the final date to submit your action explanation.

April 01 - Feedback sent to the participants for their action presentations.


Some of the linkedin and twitter posts I shared:

Setting the discord server for the @gdgcloud #IWD2021 event! :-)

I've never set up a discord server before, so there's new learning opportunities for me. #CourateToCreate

I'm taking the time to block some channels and make them available as the days arrive.

Exciting and fun!

— Amanda Cavallaro (@chibichibibr) January 21, 2021

I have a very interesting initiative to share with you for the @GDGCloud #IWD2021 that will expect from you the #CourageToCreate a project...

...More info soon - stay tuned!
Hope you'll be up for the challenge!

— Amanda Cavallaro (@chibichibibr) January 21, 2021

✨Join @GDGCloud for #IWD21

Throughout the month of March we'll learn how to create conversational actions with the support of the community.

And volunteer mentors: @thisislalaok @sachin_atk @leslysandra.

Registration opens tomorrow.#CouragetoCreate #WomenTechMakers #GDG

— Amanda Cavallaro (@chibichibibr) February 7, 2021

Hey! #IWD21 is happening!

Some of the mentors have already presented themselves in the discord server.

We can't wait to see our discussions, findings and learning together and things we will have the #CourageToCreate as a community!

FREE registering:

— Amanda (@amdcavallaro) February 9, 2021

oops lost track of time building the action for the #IWD21 😂 This is looking neat! Hopefully the community is going to learn from it!

— Amanda Cavallaro (@chibichibibr) February 22, 2021

Super thankful to @sachin_atk for mentoring our participants of the #IWD21 #CourageToCreate event on discord.

— Amanda Cavallaro (@chibichibibr) March 27, 2021

Tonight we're virtually meeting to discuss the #AoGDevs projects folks are having the #CourageToCreate.

Good follow up from the chat on Sunday where we helped each other with official and non-official documentation and projects created to support the learning. Fun stuff.

— Amanda Cavallaro (@chibichibibr) March 17, 2021

Incredible #IWD21 Live Mentoring w/ @thisislalaok, @chibichibibr & @sachin_atk mentoring, sharing real life experiences and inspiring the participants.

It was great to hear what everyone's had the #CourageToCreate.

See you on the next mentoring session!

— GDG Cloud (@GDGCloud) March 14, 2021

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