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Amanda Cavallaro
Amanda Cavallaro

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International Women's Day 19

GDG the Google Cloud London meetup

Kubra and myself, alongside the support of handful of GDG Cloud organisers, Googlers and Eddie Jaoude took the Karaoke Action Workshop I created to the next level.

It wasn't simply a workshop on coding. We also also had karaoke in addition to dancing and a fine dinner.

The event was held at Google's offices at Kings Cross London the meetup was focused on Actions on Google.

We brought the community together to not celebrate such an important date. But to hone their tech skills and and to have fun!

The food was fantastic and we were happy with the feedback the participants gave to our planning and how the event was a success!


At the end we invited some of the attendees if they'd like to practice their public speaking, as there was only maybe a handful of people maybe if they wanted get up on stage and practice your public speaking in front of a few people therefore in the future you could potentially give a talk.

It was an experience I'll never forget, it has really impacted my life positively.

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Chittoji Murali Sree Krishna

Congrats 👏