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I appeared on TV speaking Spanish with Chinese subtitles

I've just set up my account at, it does seem like a cool place to hang out, and to share knowledge with others. So that's what I'm hoping to do.

My name is Ciro, that rhymes with the number 0. I'm a game developer, but I'm also interested in bot writing and tinkering. You can find some of my bots at, and my games at I've also done some public speaking, putting up the slides at

"But Ciro, that's a lot of links, you're already losing readers!" I know what to do. I'm going to share an anecdote. I was once about to be mugged while driving in my hometown, Caracas, but I managed to escape. I was so angry about this, that when I arrived home (thankfully unharmed), I modified a bit a game I was making and released it that same day. This game was Nación Motorizada (requires Flash), a game where you must survive driving in a highway while tumbling bikes over, and earning combo points.

This game was picked up by a local newspaper, which was an achievement by itself. But then the game was picked up by CCTV, the Chinese News Network. Chinese correspondents came to my house and interviewed me about the game. So my anecdote is that I appeared in Chinese TV, speaking Spanish with Chinese subtitles. Here's the video.

If this made you laugh then this post wasn't too bad after all :-) I'll return other day to write about more concrete subjects.

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