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Chingu Weekly Update vol. 137

Voyage 29 Sets Sail Today!!!

Photo by Markos Mant on Unsplash

News, Shout-outs & Showcases

⛵️ Voyage 29 starts today. We’re excited to see a new batch of teams start work on their team projects and even more excited to discover what they will learn & accomplish over the next 6 weeks.

🚀 Voyage 28 is entering its final Sprint today. We can’t wait to see the final projects and learn how they were built and how teams overcame obstacles!

🎉 Congratulations to these Chingus!!!

  • Pablo WBK for starting a new job. Well done on transitioning from part-time freelancing to full time Development!
  • Jasterix started a new job at Microsoft as a Software Engineer! We are looking forward not only to your continued success, but also more great articles
  • Nellie started a new position as a Visual Learning Coordinator for the Data on Kubernetes Community! Not only will she be actively supporting this open source project, but she’ll also get to apply her artistic skills + Angular knowledge.
  • jacklmbrt07 is now a Full Stack developer in the Bay Area!
  • C, Dark Magic UX Goddess has been promoted by her employer to the position of Integration Manager! She’s also helping to coordinate the Chingu Quiz open source project
  • Gius88 has landed a new job in Product Management. This is after participating in several of our Voyages as a Product Owner and a lot of hard work on his part.
  • In his new job SorenG successfully PR’ed a change that went out to 370K websites worldwide with no issues. Well done!
  • silentkdev is not only working on his specialization in graphic design university program, but is also a key contributor to the Chingu Quiz open source project as well.
  • hiVan has started a Full Stack internship and is working full time as a Developer! Her Chingu Voyage project definitely helped during the interview process

Well done Chingu’s on these significant milestones in your careers as Developers!

Overheard in Chingu

TIL…specifying the correct parameters on a function call is pretty important. I have two objects of the same class, but passed the wrong one to a function and then wasted 2 hours trying to figure out why results didn’t match my expectations.

If there are ‘one to many’ relationships in your DB then the SQL side will bring back an entry for every possible combination of those relationships… then the C# side removes the duplicates. Apparently it is way more performant to build a better SQL query (Select and Where statements) than a default include statement.

What… beauty is this and how did I get there? OHHH this is so cool. Chrome Canary

I crashed an app that has ~200k request per minute

I learned about MongoDB unified topology design, the concept that MongoDB “”is always connected””, so you can basically start making requests before a connection has being established. This caused request to pile up and be sent all at once when a connection has being established.

TIL you can ‘hint’ to a browser to use the GPU to handle an element full-time with the CSS will-change property. Prevents odd moments when CSS animations hand off between CPU and GPU

GraaaaphQL GraaaaphQL.

Resources of the Week

An great article by Julia Evans about how to be comfortable with not knowing how systems work, but still staying curious and using it as a motiviation to learn & explore.

Get better at programming by learning how things work

Quote of the Week

Before you Go!

Chingu helps you to get out of “Tutorial Purgatory” by transforming what you’ve learned into experience. The experience to boost your Developer career and help you get jobs.

You can learn more about Chingu & how to join us at

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