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Chingu Weekly — Vol. 144

Jim Medlock
I manage Operations at Chingu, Inc. We help bridge the knowledge you have gained via your learning activities and the experience employers seek through global remote team projects. Come join us.
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Chingu Weekly — Vol. 144

Voyage 29 Completion Certificate issued & Voyage 31 gets set to sail!

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News, Shout-outs & Showcases

🏄‍♂️ Voyage 30 starts Sprint 4 today! Project teams are at the midpoint of the Voyage with three weeks remaining. Voyage projects aren’t easy, but they build team skills needed for jobs and use Agile Methodology to focus on what needs to get done at the right point in time.

⛵️ Voyage 29 Completion Certificates went out yesterday. Congratulations to all Voyage 29 Chingus for their hard work. You took charge and made an investment in your Developer career!

🚀 Voyage 31 starts on May 31. The Solo Project deadline is Tuesday May 25th, so don’t put off joining so you can build experience needed to get Developer jobs. Don’t wait — Take charge of your career today!

🏆 Check out the app this Voyage 29 team created!

🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations to the following Chingus for reaching these milestones & goals!!!

  • Congratulations nellie who not only completed a technical interview last week, but was invited back for a second interview to meet the team!
  • SorenG completed the trial period at the new FE Developer job he started earlier this year with distinction and is now a full-fledged employee!

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Overheard in Chingu

“TIL…writing an array of JS objects to a file that is syntactically correct is NOT a trivial process. The code is simple, but not until you figure out what needs to be done and why”

“Working on the Voyage project, and applying for jobs and investigating who ate the sunflowers. I’m starting to suspect the hedgehog”

“Yesterday I learned that the VPS (Compute Engine) on Google Cloud Platform’s “always free tier” is ONLY free if you select “Standard persistent disk” (HDD) instead of the default “Balanced persistent disk” (SDD) during the VM instance creation (when picking the boot disk image).”

“Speaking of Google. Yesterday and today I went through a course on ‘Go’. It was quite fun!”

“I prefer to skip rope with a Mobius strip”

“TIL…A function call will be passed over with no error if the call is to an async function, but the call doesn't specify await"

“Welp, I’m off work. I’ll go watch some Netflix, eat some unhealthy food, and then continue on that Chingu Quiz Medium article…”

“TIL about the magical IntersectionObserver”

“Good to see that everyone is happy today. Now that I’ve had my daily dose of Chingu crazy it’s time for breakfast. Nothing like getting up before 5 am. But our voyage team is overcoming obstacles at a brisk pace.”

“You can install NVDA screen reader for free and hear how your website sounds with it. (Windows)”

“Naah I got pushed to another project that was more critical. It’s a small one though. Should be done within a few hours, whenever that Google dev gives permissions. RTL issue got fixed though. Most of it worked fine, but I had to adjust some margins etc.”

Resources of the Week

As a Developer it’s important to be able to create apps using current technologies, but you also have to prepare for the future!

Choose how in-scope links open your PWA with Declarative Link Capturing

Quote of the Week

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

When should you start coding in a project?

If you are new to team projects something you’ll soon come to realize is you can’t just start writing code on your own.

Getting to this point takes a lot of communication and coordination!

The downside of everyone coding without a general design or sprint goals is you increase the likelihood that individual components won’t work together when you bring them together in your main branch. Not only that, but PR reviews will quickly get very, very, very messy.

The result of working individually rather than as a team is wasted time resolving differences. Which amounts to doing the design after the fact.

Remember you don’t need a 100% complete design before you start coding, but you must have these two things:

  1. A general design that defines layout, basic styling, along with what the individual components are, what data they need to share, and how it will be shared.
  2. Active communication and collaboration between team members. This includes status postings several times a week, even if it’s to say there is no change.

You should also keep in mind that the general design mentioned in #1 is more accurately described as an iterative design. It is something the team enhances and modifies in each Sprint.

This iterative approach lets you build your app in small, achievable bits. It sounds like a very Agile approach doesn’t it?

Before you Go!

Chingu helps you to get out of “Tutorial Purgatory” by transforming what you’ve learned into experience. The experience to boost your Developer career and help you get jobs.

You can learn more about Chingu & how to join us at

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