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On the importance of staying Focused

Sprint 4 — Saturday

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As you approach the final sprints in a project it should be at or close to its minimum viable product (MVP) milestone. In other words, having the required features you set out to include in it.

Ideally, your team’s project will reach MVP status before the final sprint, leaving time to make final corrections, polishing the app, and even adding lower priority features.

But what if the final sprint is looming, but you haven’t yet reached the MVP milestone? Don’t get stressed! Keep following the Agile process which allows you to adjust project scope based on your current situation. It’s okay to reduce or adjust the features in your app

Having a simple app that works is better than a complex app that’s broken

It’s also important to keep in mind that your most powerful tool is team work! The measure of mature developers is they stay dispassionate, respectful, and focused on the goal under stress. Support your team and your teammates and finish together!

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