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What’s the best way to contribute to Open Source?

Hacktoberfest is almost here!

Grow your career with Hacktoberfest@Chingu

Hacktoberfest is an annual event that allows developers like you to be recognized by contributing to Open Source and creating four PR’s on GitHub or GitLab during the month of October.

It’s a great way to refine your skills, work with other Developers, and get swag at the same time! You can get more information and signup to participate here.

The PR’s you create on public repos will be counted as long as the follow the requirements established by the Hacktoberfest team.

What is Chingu?

Chingu is an organization dedicated to helping new and experienced Developers transform what they’ve learned in schools and universities, bootcamps, and in online courses into experience. The same experience sought after by employers.

We help you transform what you’ve learned into experience

We do this by:

  • Organizing 6-week long remote team projects (what we call “Voyages”) where teams learn and use the Agile Methodology, “soft” skills, and technology to design, develop, test, and deploy a web application.
  • Matching developers together in weekly Pair Programming sessions to provide experience in this valuable technique.
  • Sponsoring an active online community where Developers can network with each other to get help, advice, and have a little fun.
  • Backing an open source project, the Chingu Quiz, where Developers can gain even more experience through a long term project.

How can you contribute?

Three ways you can participate in Hacktoberfest are through:

  • Participating in a Chingu Voyage 33 or 34 team project

But even if you aren’t a member you can participate by contributing to these Chingu projects that are open to any developer at any skill level:

The Chingu Moonshot team has been hard at work on the Chingu Quiz Open Source project and is inviting you to join them and contribute. Here’s how:

  1. Review the project’s Readme, especially the Code of Conduct and Contributing sections.
  2. Scan the project issues, select one you find interesting, and start developing!

Celebrating Your Success

Share your success in social media each time you complete a Chingu Quiz PR and/or when you complete Hacktoberfest so your fellow Developer’s can help celebrate your achievements!!! (You can tag us in Twitter @chingucollabs)

And…we’ll also award a special Chingu Certificate to everyone who completes Hacktoberfest in one of our projects.

Share your expertise to level-up!!!

Before you Go!

Chingu helps you to get out of “Tutorial Purgatory” by transforming what you’ve learned into experience. The experience to boost your Developer career and help you get jobs. And it’s Free!

You can learn more about Chingu & how to join us at

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