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Bulma Showcase Page

Screenshot of Bulma Showcase page

Dev showcase page with Bulma CSS

A developer showcase page with their projects and blog.

Using Bulma CSS the showcase page has been designed with vibrant colors. The tiles and cards showcase your work and blog posts.

How is it built?

  • The whole project has been built with using Bulma CSS and a small javascript for responsive naviagtion menu bar.

  • Small fragments of code for few features is sourced from different developers which all the due credit has been given.

How to use it?

  • Clone the repo using this link

  • Update the names and links appropriately.

  • Test it on your local machine.

  • Serve it on the server.

Github Pages

Github pages allows you to host your static sites for free. For setting up Github pages, please follow the link.

You can even setup a custom domain for your Github pages. Follow the custom domain in github pages

All ears for idea/suggestions/changes for the page. Please leave your feedback in comments.

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