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Turn On localhost Testing Using aXe Core For Chrome

Hey friends! What is going on? I hope everyone is having a good start to the new year. I can't believe it is already 2019. What better way to celebrate new beginnings than with my very FIRST post ever to published on! Without further ado, let the learning commence.

This post is just a quick tip.

aXe Core in Chrome

I ❤️ Deque and I ❤️ aXe Core when it comes to accessibility auditing and testing. It is my go to for testing tools and I advocate for the tool at every conference I speak at. Well, have you ever tried using the aXe Core Chrome extension and received an error that you can't test local files, turn on local files in the settings of the extension? You have? Me too!

I reached out to my friend Marcy Sutton that works for Gatsby now, but at the time of writing, Deque, and she told me how to fix that error so I could test locally. Below are a couple steps if you run in to the same issue as well.

  • Navigate to chrome://extensions in Chrome
  • Flip the switch on local files, and incognito if you are feeling lucky.

aXe Core testing localhost fix

I hope this was beneficial in testing the accessibility of the experiences you are working on and shipping.

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