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Why I Decided to Study Software Engineering

My entrepreneurial spirit led me to study Software Engineering. I love the thrill of achieving synergy within different business departments as an entrepreneur. I have also been fascinated with technology since I was a kid. Throughout high school I made a few attempts to learn to program but to no avail. My journey to becoming a Software Engineering did not start until I discovered how Software Engineering could feed my entrepreneurial spirit.

Technology is the entrepreneur's best friend. During high school, I started a local service business. In the beginning, I had to wear many hats, from marketing to managing staff to customer service. Fortunately, my marketing efforts were working, and I was receiving multiple leads. The issue was that I had to drive to each potential client's home to provide an estimate. Working on estimates took too much time off my day. One day I decided to integrate a custom form to the business site. The form would provide our potential clients with an instant online quote. Fortunately, the new online form worked! It was a gamechanger because most of the competition was not providing this feature. And it also saved the company approximately $720 a week in payroll and other expenses. After noticing the impact of integrating technology into a business, I was the hook!

My desire to integrate custom technology solutions to the business introduced me to software engineering. In the beginning, integrating new software and plugins to the business was great. But after a while, too many plugins were slowing down the website. And the plugins themselves lacked customizability. So I decided to watch a couple of online tutorials and play around with the site's code. After a couple of months, I found myself spending most of my day programming. Perhaps it seems my previous attempts to learn programming had failed because I would start learning for the wrong reasons. I realized that the best way to learn to program was, to begin with, the desire to solve a specific problem. For me, entrepreneurship was fun because it was all about solving problems and innovation, just like Software Engineering. The most appealing thing about Software Engineering is that it does not require many resources; all a person needs to get started is a laptop and some coffee from time to time. I am thankful that my entrepreneurial spirit influenced me to begin my Software Engineering journey.

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