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Repo Rangler: Dockerised, microservice orientated develop package manager

christhomas profile image Christopher Thomas ・1 min read

I recently was trying to install and configure satis and whilst I was doing it I had all these good ideas about how to do better. It's really strange to me why we don't have any better package manager for On-Premises private repositories. So I looked around and found Private Packagist, jFrog Artifact, etc. But they are all $$$$$ expensive and for a company that just wants to host about 20 packages. Total overkill.

So I'm having a go at writing a satis compatible package manager. It's called "Repo Rangler" and its supposed to be a dockerised, modular, service orientated and support other package types as well. I'm planning to integrate NPM after this.

The clear benefit over satis as it stands is that this project can authenticate your user against a database, or in the future, LDAP (for companies that like those things).

You can take a look:


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