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Jenkins : An overview

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What is Jenkins ?

It is an automation server which is open source and free for everyone. It automates some parts of software development like build, testing and deployment.

It is made up on Java and hence portable to work on all major operating systems like MacOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

lets now see Jenkins tutorial for beginners in detail:

what is the relevence of Jenkins in today's scenario:

In this time of cutting edge technology and new innovations coming up every day, Jenkins plays a major role by giving continuous integration by building robust automation.

Jenkins enhances development and operations process by easy customization, through code testing and wider coverage.

As the big names in the market like e-bay and Facebook are also using Jenkins to increase their performances, it has prompted other businesses to switch over Jenkins.

In these tumultuous times of pandemic, more and more organizations are coming to digitization. There is huge demand generated for skillful Jenkins developers.

The potential for expansion and great career prospects is appealing to developers. Hence they are coming up in large numbers to learn and apply Jenkins for their organizations.

Are there any pre-requisites for Jenkins?

There are just two pre-requisites for Jenkins:

  1. A source code repository- that must be accessible. One of the
    popular repository is Git repository.

  2. Working build script- This is the second main requirement that
    must be checked into source code repository. Example of
    working build script is Maven script.

Why Jenkins should be used for continuous integration?

  1. Jenkins follows simple installation process.

  2. It is open source and free to all users.

  3. The integration process is very smooth.

  4. 1000+ inbuilt plugins to choose from for various purposes.
    these plugins makes the process easier and error free.

  5. Given that, its a java tool, hence compatible with most major
    operating systems/platforms.

  6. Due to consistent testing, the build errors are detected at
    integration level.

  7. Jenkins is integrated with LDAP server which enables
    developers notified in real time.

  8. Jenkins promotes agile development environment.

Is Jenkins compatible with cloud computing?

In cloud computing environment, services depend on automation for faster processing and delivery of service to their customers. Jenkins automates the CI/CD model for this purpose.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery provides automation to the cloud computing services.

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