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Top 10 Benefits Of Taking Azure DevOps Certification

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DevOps is the combination of two terms -Development and Operations. This is the prime requirement of the developers today due to its features comprising both the benefits.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud based platform that provides testing, deploying, building and managing applications and services.

Azure DevOps is the platform that is Software as a Service(SaaS) platform that offers end-to-end DevOps toolchain in order to develop and deploy software. By using right mix of DevOps technologies, culture and process to get continuous software delivery and hence customer satisfaction.

Microsoft's Azure DevOps course is available for professionals who are willing to learn and grow in their career in DevOps expertise. There are many benefits of doing this certification course in Azure DevOps.

Azure DevOps offers following services to its users:

  1. Azure pipelines- To implement CI/CD continuously build, test and deploy
  2. Azure artifacts
  3. Azure boards- For Planning ,tracking and discussing among team
  4. Azure repos
  5. Azure test plans

Following are the benefits to look out for:

1.You will learn basics of Azure DevOps.

2.Lern virtual networking skills and implementation through Azure

3.You will get acceleration in your career. There opens many
doors for various roles in this field with certification in
your hand.

4.Career flexibility: Its very important for a person working in
cloud computing to be Microsoft Azure certified, as it will
give flexibility in their career.

5.Better security : As the demand for cloud computing and Azure
experts is increasing, a certification could land you good job
with security. This trend is not going to end anytime soon as
it is still in developing phase.

6.High salary and great perks: As per the reports a Azure
developer earns average salary $131,838 per year. Being
certified in Azure gives an edge and recognition too along with
great salary.

7.Expert in DevOps skills : Along with Azure ,Candidate also get
to learn tools like Github, Hadoop, eclipse ,etc. too easily.

  1. Better integration with .NET platform: As .NET platform is widely used by the programmers and also opensource, integrates easily with Azure, so developers need not go for any other cloud service provider to offer cloud integration for their coding platform.

Getting certified in Microsoft Azure DevOps platform will get you innumerable benefits as above and also it is a futuristic investment in your career. It is not going to diminish anytime soon as it is rapidly growing.

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