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Trends of Laravel Application Development

Laravel framework is an open-source framework created by Taylor Otwell. It was released in 2010 and is based on the MVC(Model-view-controller) model. An MVC model gives you the chance to retrieve, insert and update any information on your data table.

Around 135,000 websites have been choosing laravel instead of other PHP frameworks. The reason for opting for a laravel framework is due to its scalability, speed, intuitiveness and cost-effectiveness.

Laravel scores are better than other websites by providing developers with advanced features and development tools that facilitate rapid web application development.

Hence, the number of features offered by the Laravel framework has forced developers to opt for it, making Laravel the most famous PHP framework. Today, around 638,499 live websites are using Laravel, and astonishingly 6,20,950 websites use Laravel historically.

Here, we would study the trends of the Laravel application, but before that, I would give a glimpse about the benefits of using a Laravel framework in your business, so it would be easy for you to understand that choosing a Laravel framework is the ultimate choice for your business.

Benefits of Using Laravel Framework

MVC Architecture

MVC Architecture

Laravel works mainly on MVC architecture. It is quite useful for building small or large business applications. When you have a large project, you have to deal with a lot of unstructured code. For any developer, this becomes a task in his development department. Using an MVC can work great for them as it structures the coding for the developers. Additionally, it’s easier to find directories when a developer is working on a large project.

Fast & Simple Commands

Laravel makes your process simple, fast and easy as it has its own CLI- command-line interface. To those who might think CLI does, it’s a Symfony console component for building applications. It helps you in database management, data migration and even creates controllers, models and more.

Laravel’s artisan tool eliminates the need for developers to enter repetitive codes, which gives developers great relief. Additionally, it can also create commands to manage data configuration.

App Testing

Laravel comes up with its features to test web applications and mobile applications through the PHP unit. It automatically generates the phpunit.xml file to do unit testing in web applications.

Testing is performed multiple times to make sure that the changes done are checked appropriately. If all the things are performed in the actual manner, then your application becomes bug-free.

Interaction with Database

To enhance the performance of your web application, you can use the models in laravel. Laravel is the only PHP framework that provides the ease to build and customize these models by eloquent ORM.

ORM stands for the object-relational mapper; it allows you to maintain interaction with the database using eloquent or expressive syntax. It is the perfect ORM tool for a web developer. Developers save their wasted time spent in writing complex codes in SQL.

The advantages give you an idea of how the Laravel framework works better for building an application. So let’s now talk about the Laravel development trends.

Trends of Laravel Framework

Every six months, we observe an update in the Laravel Framework. With the benefits of the Laravel framework, it’s getting better day by day. Laravel shares an elegant and expressive syntax that is updated regularly.

Pre-built Applications

If you are looking for the same kind of application, then Laravel has introduced many pre-built applications in the list. You can select templates from the Laravel website. It would be a speedy process, and you can benefit a lot on the costing part too.


Laravel provides the developers with the utmost benefits. As the word is spreading about how easy and speedy it is to develop the application on Laravel, people are shifting towards the Laravel framework.

With the increase in demand regarding the Laravel framework, companies are looking for Laravel programmers for hire. As companies do not want to hire a permanent Laravel developer, this can become your opportunity to provide your developers to the companies.


Understand, as more and more companies are focusing on ongoing digital, they need something that would provide them security over their platforms. In addition, with the increasing number of scams and frauds, they need to protect their data in the best way possible.

With PHP tools, developers can create highly secured web applications and sites. Thus, the demand for Laravel is bound to rise in the future.

Expanding your business

In terms of scalability, the Laravel framework can be your ultimate choice for a start-up business. It doesn’t matter if the business is operating on a small scale or a large scale; the ultimate goal of any business is to reach its target customer in the best way possible. Developers can make a website and make some quick alterations if necessary.

Enterprise-level Application

Viewers like it when your site pages are loaded with lightning speed. It increases the number of visitors to your website. Laravel uses the PHP framework to create a website that can handle a heavy workload. Using the Laravel framework would take your website traffic graph upward.


Laravel is a framework that makes a modern, fast and scalable product. It aids developers in simplifying the process with reusable and clean codes. As studied, the trend of Laravel application development shows a positive side for businesses.

The great news is if you are looking for a laravel programmer for hire, then you can connect with a company that offers these services.

With the growing trends of laravel application development, most businesses today opt for a laravel framework, and you can also build your application on this framework.

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