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Discussion on: For Freelancer Developers/Web Design Companies, do you outsource your hosting or do you use your own Infrastructure?

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Casey Brooks

Their plans are really focused around "add-ons" to their core service of hosting static files on a super-fast and reliable CDN, which is free. You won't be able to host a full backend server like Wordpress, but you'll only be doing yourself and your clients/friends a favor by getting into JAMStack applications rather than the traditional fullstack webservers, and Netlify is the one-stop-shop for just about everything JAMStack.

This article on Smashing Magazine, written by Netlify's co-founder and CEO, is a great introduction to the world of static site generators. And from there, is the best listing of all SSGs available today.

In addition, I've been developing a new SSG, Orchid, for several years now and am very deep in this space and would love to answer any other questions you may have about SSGs or the JAMStack and give personal recommendations for related tools and services.

I just love the JAMStack, and I would highly encourage you to give it a try!

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Vicente G. Reyes Author

ha! Thanks! These would help me big time!