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Discussion on: How would you deal with a client who rejected a prototype because of a "lorem ipsum" placeholder?

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Casey Brooks

As the saying goes, "the customer is always right".

As a consultant myself, I've learned that clients can sometimes be unreasonable, but it's usually better to just do whatever you have to inorder to keep the client satisfied. Don't take their critique personally, just let them know that your happy to fix the problem for them, and keep it in mind for future work. In fact, learn to love their critique, since it will make you better at what you do!

For this particular client, I doubt how useful it would be to follow up and try to explain further. It doesn't sound they they were unhappy with you or the work you've done, so don't take it personally. They're just trying to visualize the prototype as closely to the final product as possible.

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Vicente G. Reyes Author

I appreciate the answer, Casey. Would you think that it's a cheap-tactic to get a free prototype? I sure think it is! I wasted 6 hours of my life if it is!