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Discussion on: Is it possible that the software industry could become nearly 100% remote?

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Casey Brooks

Personally, I don't want the industry to go fully-remote. I like the experience of working in the same physical space as my team members. Coworking spaces aren't bad, but they're still not the same, socially, as working in the same room as members of your own company/team.

At one point in my life, I thought I would enjoy working remotely. But in the years since, I've come to realize that I just wouldn't be happy working fully remotely. Flexibility to work remotely when needed is pretty much a must for me, but even the benefit of getting 2+ hours of commute time back isn't enough for me to do it full-time.

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Robert Katzki

Same here. Never worked fully remote, but one day a week was already enough for me. I like to meet people in the office, have a chat and go out for lunch with others.

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Give people a choice, the ones who want remote let them do remote, the ones who prefer to work in an office let them do so. And a mix is of course also very well possible.

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Frank Font

Similar experience. After a year of living the dream of going to work unshaven in my underwear I realized that dream sucked; for me. “The Perfect Work Commute” by Frank Font

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I did remote work for 2 years and eventually came to a similar conclusion. I like the passive ambience of an office space of people getting work done. But sometimes I need to get deep work done and the office is just not conducive for that (unless you're given an office with a door).

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