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Is it ok to cross-post content on from your own blogs?

Hi, and sorry if this has already been asked. I have recently started writing technical posts on my own blog and was wondering if it'd be ok to cross-post them here as well? Couldn't find any guidelines about that.

Thanks for help!

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stereobooster • Edited

It is totally ok. You can crosspost, for example, with RSS

The question is which strategy you will choose. Will it be only part of the post with link to the original post (read more)? Will it be full post? (First one seems doesn't work well, but I have no statistics to prove this).

Will you have post from your blog to post, so people can read comments here?

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Alex K.

Awesome thanks! :) Yeah, making a full post here would be the best, since I didn't setup comments on my own blog.

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Ben Lovy

Yup! Even encouraged, you can set the canonical link in the meta tags on DEV to point to your blog.