What is the tools to make a realtime notification?

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I want to make an app/web app that has a realtime notification the backend will be golang, and the front end will be react/next/react native. But I have no idea to make the realtime notification. I've tried using realtime database firebase, but I think there is another way. Or should I use GraphQL subscription? I need your advice!

Thank you.

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If I use websocket, do I need to open another port? If I use firebase, there's no need to open another port for realtime notification


You will, yes. Is there a reason why you don't want to do that?

Isn't it better if I open less port? Just for security reason

Yes, of course.

The most secure system would be one that doesn't, and never has, connected to the internet, but that's not practical.

You're right to be cautious, but it's best to find the right solution and open what ports you need.

You can, of course, just have your website served on port 80, have it routed correctly using a reverse proxy like NGINX and have your frontend speak to your server via websockets on the same host and not have to open up any more ports

Thanks Si!

I would try that and do some research about it.

Appreciate it!

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