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Write a text with a color gradient

Today I offer you a CSS tip. In CSS, gradients are very popular, they allow a clean and pretty design. It also happens that we want to use the "color" property to apply a gradient to a text, unfortunately at the moment this feature is not supported by web browsers. That's why I propose you a simple tutorial to apply a linear gradient to a text.

You can see below the final result:

To do this, we will use "webkit" extensions. First of all we will add "-webkit-background-clip" which will allow to apply a gradient to the text.
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Then we will add this property: "-webkit-text-fill-color" which allows to define the color used to draw the content of the letters.
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Finally, we will apply the gradient with the property: "background", which is a fundamental property of CSS.

The complete code :

<!DOCTYPE html>
      h1 {
       font-size: 72px;
       background: -webkit-linear-gradient(350deg, #22c1c3, #fd2df5);
       -webkit-background-clip: text;
       -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;
       text-align: center;


    <h1>Text Gradient </h1>  


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