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API Testing Tools in 2022

API is essential for the legitimate integrations, functionality, and performance of a software item. An error in the API integration and security can cost software a great deal of functionality, performance, and strength issues.

To stay away from these mistakes, programmers and developers run adjustments of testing for API. API testing is a kind of software testing where the APIs are checked and tested for the ideal performance and functionalities. It is a fundamental stage of the software development process as the strength and unwavering quality of the end result to a great extent rely upon ideal API arrangements.

API Testing Tools

There are a few manual and computerized API testing tools accessible for actually taking a look at APIs for ideal integration, strength, performance, and whatnot. Here, we will talk about probably the best API testing tools.

Best API Testing Tools


The primary name on our rundown is RapidAPI. It is the biggest API commercial centre with north of 1,000,000 programmers and developers favouring it for robotized API testing. RapidAPI permits simple coordinated effort with outer groups. It is a free and open-source stage.

RapidAPI gives developers the freedom to run API testing on inward APIs as well and doesn’t restrict the quantity of APIs one can test through the stage. It aids the creation and the board of stable APIs, from development to sending.


Mailman is another dependable, stable, and reasonable answer for API testing. It is accessible in web and work area forms. Its simple UI and nitty-gritty announcing have reinforced its situation in the software testing speciality.

Karate DSL

An open-source stage proficient for API robotization tests, Karate DSL is worked with an alluring yet basic point of interaction to permit programmers and software investigators to run API tests actually and without any problem.

Katalon Studio

One of the most incredible web administrations test tools, Katalon Studio is an effective and performance-driven API testing tool. It is an open-source stage and can test web, versatile, and work area applications. It gives software testers complete adaptability through different strides of the API testing process.


Another well-known API testing tool, ReadyAPI. It is developed and possessed by Smartbear and fills in as a web administration launcher as well as an API testing tool. It has an intelligent dashboard that guarantees productive announcing all through the testing system.

With this multitude of important and ideal conveniences, the stage turns out great for DevOps and Agile groups.


An integral asset for computerized API testing, SoapUI is a dependable and viable answer for programmers and software quality examiners. It permits testing SOAP, GraphQL, REST, and web administrations.


Apache JMeter is an open-source arrangement. It’s outfitted with significant conveniences to balance out the API testing process. The stage is planned so as to relieve the dangers and raise the client’s solace. JMeter additionally upholds per-string treats.

JMeter is soaked up with functionality that allows developers to replay the test result accordingly aiding bug discovery. It can likewise naturally work with CSV records further filling group joint efforts and collaborations. This aids in making exceptional boundary values for API testing rapidly and proficiently.

Its integration with Jenkins permits fast CI pipeline integration. The stage is viable with both static as well as unique assets. JMeter allows clients to chip away at a wide scope of programming dialects and gives no imperative on test arrangements. It has a Groovy library and is generally involved by developers for running JDBC data set association tests.


API testing is an important part of the software testing process. Programmers, developers, and software analysts working coherently for a stable software product adopt various tools for ensuring the quality of the same.

In such a situation, getting API testing right is one of the vital elements in choosing the achievement or disappointment of a software item. From this rundown of web API testing tools recently examined, one can contrast the tools with pick the best and can get ideal ROI by picking an ideal tool for API testing.

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Andrew Baisden

Cool you should also add

techwatching profile image
Alexandre Nédélec

Interesting list. As far as I am concerned, my default tool is Rest Client (vs code extension). That way I can commit request files in my git repository and as they follow standard convention I am lock-in a specific tool. I have an article about rest client if somes are interested to know more about it:

liyasthomas profile image
Liyas Thomas

We are building an open source {free} Postman alternative: Hoppscotch - API request builder for web.

GitHub logo hoppscotch / hoppscotch

Open source API development ecosystem - (open-source alternative to Postman, Insomnia)

hima_khaitan profile image
Himanshu Khaitan

I personally feel Postman is just awesome 🔥

thoughtrefraction profile image

I hear good things about

ashishk1331 profile image
Ashish Khare😎

Yeah, it's great and simple. It's very much like postman.

stvbyr profile image

Nice list. I used Postman for one of my last projects. I also tried Thunderclient for VsCode as it's pretty lightweight.

iandouglas profile image
ian douglas

I'm surprised Postman isn't at the top of the list considering they have >17M users

nikoldimit profile image

what about collaboration during the API design and testing? which ones offer something like that?