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Clear Java Job Interview in 2022

Java Interview Questions

Java Core is a release of Java otherwise called Java SE (Standard Edition). The center java is fundamental Java and in interviews, the majority of the Core java Interview questions for a java designer come from here.

List of Java questions and to know their answers click on interview questions on Java blog.

  1. What is Java?
  2. What is Core Java?
  3. What is the latest version of Java?
  4. What is JVM?
  5. How does a bytecode run in JAVA?
  6. What is Thread in Java?
  7. Why do we declare Main as Static?
  8. What is Super Keyword in JAVA and Where to use it?
  9. When a subclass has only parameterized constructor and a superclass does not have a matching constructor, What will happen?
  10. Explain Public Static Void Main (String args[]).
  11. What are Constructors in Java?
  12. What do you understand by a Wrapper class?
  13. Explain the local variable and instance variable?
  14. Why JAVA is a statically typed language?
  15. What is Java Runtime Environment(JRE)?
  16. What is Package in JAVA?
  17. What is the Java language programming platform?
  18. What are the components of JVM?
  19. Name all Java Programming language platforms.
  20. What are the components that a Java Platform consists of?
  21. What is Java Virtual Machine?
  22. What is an API?
  23. What is Java EE?
  24. What is Java ME?
  25. What is JavaFX?


In the above article most of the questions in the above article are based on the OOP’s concepts because that’s what Java is famous for.

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