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Crack CSS Interview

CSS is one of the three mainstays of Front-End devices, and each web application and page utilizes it to shade and give a design to its skeleton HTML report. Each brilliant and very much planned page you see on the web is only a consequence of CSS code, eliminate CSS and you will get dark and unaligned text with white foundation.

css iq

The interviewer may also ask about your experience with any of the CSS frameworks, so there you need to share your experience of working with CSS and one of its frameworks such as Bootstrap. While sharing your experience do not mention those tools on which you have never worked before.

CSS interview questions:

  1. What is CSS?
  2. Give some advantages of CSS.
  3. What is the latest version of CSS?
  4. What is the file extension of CSS files?
  5. What are the different methods to integrate CSS on an HTML page?
  6. Why do we use the external method more than any other method?
  7. What is the Embedded style Sheet in CSS
  8. Give some Advantages of Embedded style sheets in CSS.
  9. What is the difference between an inline and an embedded style sheet?
  10. Give some limitations of CSS.
  11. Name Some frameworks of CSS
  12. What is the framework?
  13. What are the components we keep in mind when we use CSS to style HTML?
  14. What is a selector in CSS?
  15. What are the type and universal selectors?
  16. What is the Descendant selector in CSS?
  17. What are class selectors in CSS?
  18. What is a property in CSS?
  19. What is value in CSS?
  20. What is opacity in CSS?
  21. What % unit signifies in CSS value?
  22. What does cm mean in CSS value?
  23. Is CSS case sensitive?
  24. Name the format in which we can specify the colour in CSS
  25. What is a Declaration box in CSS?


Generally, companies do not organize specific Jobs related to CSS or HTML, however, you can find jobs for JavaScript and its frameworks. CSS is a part of front-end development, and only in the front-end job interviews, you will find these questions.

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Nicholas Stimpson

For a bit more of a challenge, try my 10 CSS questions: