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Django Interview Questions

In case you google for web improvement occupations, there, you will see as a large portion of them require Django abilities. Assuming you are planning for an impending web designer talk, we would suggest you go through these best Django inquiries questions.

Django interview questions

Top Interview questions:

Here we listed top interview questions of Django. If you want to know their answers go through this blog on Django Interview Questions and Answers.

  1. What is Django?
  2. What is the latest version of Django?
  3. From where does Django get its name?
  4. On which architecture design pattern Django works?
  5. Give some advantages of using Django.
  6. Give some features of Django.
  7. Give some disadvantages of Django.
  8. Why do we use the include() function in the project file?
  9. Name all the types of inheritance possible in Django.
  10. What is the context in Django?
  11. If you have worked with Flask then give some differences between Flask and Django.
  12. How to install Django in your system?
  13. How to create a Django project?
  14. By default which database does Django follow?
  15. Where do we register our models?
  16. What does the createsuperuser subcommand do?
  17. Name the caching strategies in Django.
  18. What is the use of in Django?
  19. What parameters do we use in signals?
  20. Name the usages of middlewares in Django.
  21. Give some drawbacks of Object Relational Mapping in Django?
  22. Why do we use the migration subcommand?
  23. Why do we use the makemigrations subcommand?
  24. What does the session framework do?
  25. Name all the subcommands.
  26. Name some common Django exceptions.
  27. How can we register a model in Django?
  28. What do you know about ‘django-admin’?
  29. What are the models in Django?
  30. What are the views in Django?


With this, we have arrived at the finish of our Django inquiries questions and replies. We trust you find these inquiries applicable to peruse prior to showing up for a web developer interview.

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Max Ong Zong Bao

I would just ignore bulk of it as most of it can be googled. I would ask question like this so we can understand about the developer's perspective:

1) Which would you prefer class based views vs function based views. Why would you choose 1 or the other?

Ans: There's no hard or fast rule, usually it's easier to read for Function Based Views for beginners than Class Based Views.
Class Based Views abstracts certain portion of it. Class Based Views allows you to write lesser code but sacrifices understanding of your code due to abstraction.

So you might take more time to read or understand. Ideally it's better to stick with 1 for the whole project than changing mixing it together.

2) Which database would you use for Django? Why do you choose it?
Ans: Again there's a divide ideally, the standard practice is to just use PostgreSQL to avoid a world of hurt despite it's ORM.

I would look at When to Use MongoDB with Django as a reference since he's the guy who maintains Cookiecutter a popular library as well a & Two Scoops of Django