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Programming Interview Questions for Beginners

Are you preparing for an upcoming programming interview? Here we have compiled a list of general programming interview questions that will help you to prepare for the same.

Programming interviews are designed to test the developer’s proficiency in data structures, algorithms, logic building, and problem-solving rather than just knowledge of a specific programming language.

Programming Interview Questions

Basic Programming Interview Questions

  1. Name the most common errors that can occur during the execution of a program?
  2. What is the difference between a syntax error and a semantic error?
  3. How do you define an algorithm?
  4. What is a low-level programming language?
  5. What is a high-level programming language?
  6. What are keywords?
  7. What are loops?
  8. What is an array?
  9. What is debugging?
  10. What is the difference between break and continue statements?
  11. What are identifiers?
  12. Can we use a keyword as an identifier?
  13. What are arithmetic operators, and on which data type can they operate?
  14. Where do we use the relational operators, and what value do they return?
  15. What is machine code?
  16. What will happen if we use a break statement inside a nested loop?
  17. What is a data structure?
  18. What are linear and non-linear data structures?
  19. When do we use for loop, and when do we use the while loop?
  20. Why use the do-while loop if we have the while loop?


That sums up our list of the top programming interview questions and answers. We hope you go through these questions first before you go for the interview.

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