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Want to crack AWS Interview?

AWS gained significant growth in a couple of years, leaving its competitors far behind it. It dominates the cloud industry by occupying 33% of it, while Microsoft rests at 18% and Google at 9%.

AWS developers in the industry are significantly well paid as it is broadening its boundaries towards all the sectors. It fulfills the need of users for any number of servers at any time in minutes, thus making it convenient as users earlier had to book the servers in advance weeks and months before.

List of AWS Interview questions asked in 2021:

  • What do you understand by AWS?
  • What services are provided by AWS?
  • What is auto-scaling?
  • Explain geo-targeting in CloudFront?
  • Differentiate between EC2 and S3?
  • Explain AWS Lambda?
  • Explain the Amazon EBS Volumes.
  • What is the need for subnetting?
  • What do you understand by EIP?
  • Why should one use Amazon EBS volumes over its other competitors?
  • What is Cloudwatch?
  • What do you understand by Amazon EC2?
  • What do you know about Amazon VPC?
  • What is Amazon S3?
  • Can you cast S3 with EC2 Instances? If yes, explain how?

Want to know more questions to crack the interview, then go through this blog on AWS Interview questions.

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