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Biyete: Parse Bank Emails and send it to Google Sheets

This was a small project I created some time ago, but never really took off. But maybe is interesting to you on how to integrate Gmail with Google Sheets.

It parses bank emails and send the information to a Google Sheet or a REST endpoint so you can track your finances.

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A small Google Script that parses Google email and save the results to Google Spreadsheets

πŸ’΅ Biyete 🏦

Perrito Limpio con Signo de Dinero

A simple Google Apps Script to parse Gmail messages related to Bank Notifications, Payment Bills Deposits and other related areas. Then save those data to a Google Spreadsheet that you could use to track your finances. GPL v3 Commitizen Friendly StandardJS

πŸš€ Environment setup

Quick Installation

Step 1 - Configure Gmail

  1. Configure your Gmail inbox with filters for each Parser, that would assign specific labels.

  2. Ensure that you have some unread emails with the assigned label.

Each parser will have a designated label that you must configure first in your Gmail account This is the way to…

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