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Technical Writing Journey Part 3...

Staying focused on something you believe will be meaningful in the future can be a difficult task. The temptation of giving up is high, especially when you lack a sense of direction or confusion on which niche to focus.

Let's be honest, many recruiters employ professionals based on their working experience, unless you're genius enough to pass a technical test. This affects my morale, occasionally drifting me off my sailing ship.

It is okay to fear not making it through the finish line or not being successful. I drove my inspiration from musicians. Some take three months to break out and others ten years.

Tips To Remain Focused

1. Please don't force it

Have alternatives of topics you're going to learn at a particular time or day. For example, if you're learning API documentation using Swagger UI, include using Postman on the learning process. You might have suitable sources for Swagger UI, but the first lines are hard to grasp.

2. Time and date conscious

If your lesson is on Monday and takes two hours, stick to it. Take as the way you wake up at six, and you feel like continuing to sleep, but you have to work. Make a habit of remaining within your goals.

3. Mute or switch of your phone

I understand you're waiting for that one phone call or email for a technical role, but you have to mute your phone at least to remain focused.

4. Work Smart

Focus on the main topics—research on the trends or the significance of a particular topic. For example, the RestFul API is popular with developers. Focus on it. In essence, if you have an important topic is easy to understand other minor topics.


These are tips on how I remain focused to achieve my goals, despite feeling like giving up most of the time.

If you have tips to share on the same, please share in the comment section.

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