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Tiredness in Coding

Sitting in front of the computer screen for long coding can be tiresome and sometimes dull because it is a repetitive task. Waking up energized to debug or code a few lines, you get tired, lose focus, or be exhausted because the eye muscles are worn-out.

Stay for one hour focusing on coding can be tricky unless you have a deadline or the client is serious about your neck to present a prototype. Experienced coders may have a hack to handle tiredness in coding, but it is still a challenge for the coding profession.

I always ask myself why I get tired, and it is just sitting down, a cup of coffee, and letting the figures do the magic? If it is the issue of eye muscle getting tired, then watching a favorite football match for ninety minutes would have the same effect.

From a doctor's perspective, some things are out of our control because tiredness results from biological and chemical processes. The biological process includes the unwanted release of glucose turning into energy because of intense thinking, while the chemical process causes the feeling of exhaustion.

Nonetheless, different practices can help ease the fatigue we feel when coding, even if it is not a hundred percent effective or solves the problem, but remember coding is a "mountain" on its own we need to climb.

Let's look at what makes me get tired quickly in coding and some practices I have put in place to solve the problem.

1.Language or framework

Language or Framework? It may seem odd to suggest this point, but if a language is not working for you, do not force it. For instance, you get tired or bored quickly when using the Laravel framework, why don't you shift to Codeigniter and learn how to use it. Perhaps the mind has absorbed intense pressure from the previous framework and bit the biological and chemical process.

I had to shift from Codeigniter to Laravel to get the mental relaxation I wanted when coding. I know some coders would die for Codeigniter and others Laravel, but you use a good language or framework for your "mental health."


Fullstack developers would attest to this point, probably because they simultaneously bury themselves in many projects. The thought of delivering fully functional applications at a similar date or few days separates them leads to unnecessary anxiety and pressure that cause tiredness.

I know money is the motivator, but why take multiple jobs and you can not involve other developers in the project. The simplest way to avoid this is to involve a genius junior developer in the projects. Help each other to complete them to ease the unnecessary pressure.


You do not have to act smart when you are alone coding. Most codes are open source, but you can consult your social group coders or StackOverflow. The brain process too much information, and straining it to write ten or twenty lines of code without referring to documentation or abstract leads to mental exhaustion.

Nonetheless, you can counter this problem by breaking the tasks into smaller sections. Focus on it and have break intervals when you complete each one of the tasks. Things may become more manageable if you train your mental capabilities to conduct the coding task in an arranged manner.

4.Time of task

Code may be addictive or calling, but can not code for ten to fourteen hours and have minimal rest. The brain needs rest to stay active when actions call for its assistance the next coding day. Finding a suitable time that works for you is crucial to staying alert or productive. Regardless of the time, have breaks to refresh your mind.


I hope the above guidelines can help someone improve their productivity and comfortable throughout the coding process. However, we are different, and the methods can fail to work. Understanding your body or energy levels can help you understand what makes you tired.

Hey! hitting the gym helps keep the mind fresh, but finding something would help you solve this problem.

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