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How to Get Fast in the Terminal (Without Breaking a Sweat)

Welcome to the magical world of terminal commands, where the keys are your friends and the mouse is your mortal enemy!

If you're new to the terminal, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. But fear not! With these tips, you'll be navigating your way around like a pro in no time.

1. Learn the Basic Commands (Because You Gotta Crawl Before You Can Run):

The first step to becoming a terminal ninja is to learn the basic commands. Think of it as learning to walk before you can run. These commands include:

  • ls (list files in a directory)
  • cd (change directory)
  • mkdir (make a new directory)
  • touch (create a new file)
  • mv (move a file or directory)
  • rm (remove a file)
  • rmdir (removes a directory)

Memorizing these will make you feel like a terminal superhero.

2. Use Tab Completion (Because Ain't Nobody Got Time for all That):

Tab completion is like having your own personal assistant, ready to finish your sentences for you. With tab completion, you can quickly complete a command or file name by typing the first few letters and then hitting the Tab key. This can save you a lot of time and help you avoid typos.

Pro tip: If you're not sure what to type next, try using double tab to see a list of available options. It's like having your own personal cheerleading squad, rooting you on to victory.

3. Customize Your Shell (Because Why Be Basic?):

Customizing your shell is like redecorating your room, but instead of paint and wallpaper, you're using code and command line tricks. It's like adding some bling to your pet rock - suddenly, it's way cooler than before! You can create a prompt that flashes neon lights, invent hilarious nicknames(aliases) for your favorite commands, and even automate your entire to-do list with a few clever functions. So, let your creative juices flow and make your terminal a reflection of your unique style (or lack thereof). Who knows, maybe your customized shell will become the envy of all your tech-savvy friends!

4. Use Keyboard Shortcuts (Because Who Needs a Mouse?):

Using a mouse in the terminal is like wearing a helmet while taking a bath, it's unnecessary and might actually get in the way. Instead, use keyboard shortcuts to save time and impress your friends.

  • Ctrl+C cancels the current command.
  • Ctrl+D exits the shell.
  • Ctrl+R searches through your command history
  • Ctrl+Z suspends the current process.
  • Ctrl+L clears the screen.

The more shortcuts you know, the more impressive you'll be.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice (Because Elon Musk Didn't Build SpaceX Overnight):

The final step to becoming a terminal master is to practice, practice, practice. Try to use the terminal for as many tasks as possible, even if it takes a little longer at first. The more you use it, the faster you'll become. And who knows - maybe one day you'll be so fast that you'll make Usain Bolt look like a slowpoke.

Good luck, and may the terminal gods smile upon you!

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Abdul Samad Siddiqui • Edited

Thanks for this… i recently started learning bash for my project, this will for sure help me.

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Haroon Abbasi

good to hear man, best of luck ✨