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Task Force 3.0 Week 4

This is the end of week 4 of our task Force and it is amazing to realize how you can accomplish many things with a small period of time.
Good developers are not those who can code and develop a site in one or two days but those who also knows how to communicate to outside world of his/her field.

Agile communication World

communication in agile world we have seen different ways agile methodology uses to convey message
we have looked into 2 methodologies and compared them.


scrum is method a where we have sprint depending on your team you decide how long the sprint would take and each sprint should have a scrum master scrum master is responsible to know that team mates are working on their tasks and he/ is supposed to review his/ her teammates codes.

alt text

on the other hand there is kanban it is also an agile methodology where we have boards with tickets.

alt text

most of the time taking advantage of both scrum and kanban methodology is very efficient.
For the boards you can use trello board,trello  board.

Time Management
Managing your time helps you understand well the priority matrix
and when you manage your time well you get to do all your tasks on planned time deadlines are no longer problems and you can not take a lot of tasks since you have a routine of how your day starts and ends,
I also helps to avoid procrastination and imposter syndrome.
Alt Text

complex UIs
complex UIs sharpening skills is something you got do a lot if you want to grow that why in this week we have been introduced to another complex UIs to build.
It is amazing to have great team around you to review your codes and give you feedback to help you grow your skills and think out of the box to accomplish the challenge.

Communication skills is always the first thing you need to be notice in the community and when combined with better time management you can achieve a lot.

thanks next week it is.

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