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Richard Munyemana
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TaskForce week 3

This week was a very disturbing week, I had very pressing things that I had to finish off. But thanks to my teammates I have been brought up to speed.
In this journal we are going to discuss the outcomes of this week experience to working with UX designers.

Developer Basics

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As a frontend developer when you have a good UX designer then you can develop best and beautiful sites or apps we have been challenged to use vanilla javascript, HTML and CSS. using Frameworks speeds up your work but I have been reminded not to forget some basics.

Fast Learning and Flexibility

Let's come back to frameworks, There are many frameworks out there and you can not know every single one of them this week I have been introduced to a framework that is the first time to use and I had to learn it faster and use it as it was required in the assignment. The take away here is that as Developers we should be fast learners and flexible to what a clients want you to use or your supervisor.

Professional Skills are Critical

Professional skills are the very crucial things and without them you are not well equipped. You can have all the required technical skills but without professional skills you can not be able to work with a team, your team may have teammates whom you do not share expertise and with professional skills you will be able to communicate and work with them well.


Foundation is what makes you standout and frameworks makes your life easier but you can't know them all you need to be a fast learner all in all professional skills always comes first and then your technical skills and without them not many doors are going to open for you.

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