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Ramya Chinnadurai
Ramya Chinnadurai

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If you are waiting for 2021 to start your dream goal you should start working right now

Just do it.

It might be the easiest thing you said to yourself. And in the end, you always end up doing something else. The most common reason you said to yourself is that you will work on this from this month or year. Waiting for the perfect circumstances to start is the most common way of procrastinating.

I am the person who gets much excited from the arrival of the new year to the weekend to start work on dream goals. I always had a list of goals in the wishlist. And most of them are what I wished some years back. Yes, it indeed became a dream goal for me. Dreams that never became real.

Something interesting starts to happen when I started taking the #100daysofcode challenge. After a few struggles at first, I focused on the systems to reach my goal.

Push yourself to an environment that will help you reach your goals. You will see yourself you are working on it, one by one. For those still waiting for the moment to arrive, we created the #14daysbreakloop challenge.

We started this challenge to clear your top pending wishes before 2020 ends. This is the day 01 guide for the #14daybreakloop challenge and we will be posting a daily guide that we have learned in the #100daysofcode challenge that we wish could have learned sooner. If you are already taking the #100daysofcode challenge, we hope you get most of it or if you are a developer who wishes to get out of your comfort zone, we hope our tops will improve yourself to learn consistently.

If I didn't make the first step to start #100daysofcode, I wouldn't get this far - Learning what I once thought was a limit and support of the Twitter community. Everything begins with the first step.

At the first step, I felt to break your inner loop of procrastinating would be to start doing it right now.

Just pick the goal that you feel will improve yourself & start working on it right from now. Think of yourself at the end of 2021 without the skill in your goal list. How hard would it impact you? Just pick the one that will be most impactful.

Action Items

Set out to conquer the ocean. (4).png

Feature backstory - Why was chose to be a new tab extension?


Being an enthusiastic person, I became to start adding the list of tasks to my task manager. My procrastinating brain never changes much. The tasks never get checked at all. I realize I should learn to be consistent in what I do. I started trying to write one task at a time and place it as post-it notes right before my eyes. Focusing my energy on one task at a time improves my productivity since I didn't have to think about rest.

The nearest design we could think of is when we open tabs in our browser. Hoping it might borrow our attention, we placed the question to what to do now, and once added, the task will be in the focus of each new tab.

Thought for the day

Set out to conquer the ocean. (1).png

This article is written by Rams and co-authored by Karthikeyan.

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rhymes • Edited

Given the unreal year that 2020 has been, I wouldn't blame anyone wanting to relax and to wait for 2021 eheh

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Michael Otu

I totally agree with you.. I remember a year or two from I was coding through the new year.. ha-ha.. Look at me now.. (I know you can see me but just look at me)