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VS Code for Git and GitHub

TL;DR VS Code has full Github integration

I have been making series of videos on Youtube that shows Git workflows using VS Code. The motivation for this video series is purely personal and I know a lot of developers can relate to it. In as much as I love the terminal and how it makes me look cool while using it, it is not the most productive workflow to shift between VS Code and iTerm. I wanted to be able to do everything with just VS Code.

My productivity with Git and GitHub got doubled after I got a hang of the VS Code integrations so I though it would be useful to you as well.

Each video covers a particular topic or a group of tips that solve related problems.

Link to Playlist

Here is the Youtube Playlist. Feel free to save for your future reference.

Included Videos

Here is a breakdown of all the videos in the playlist:

1. Basic Git Operations with VS Code

It only makes sense to kick off with basic operations like init, clone, add, commit etc

2. How to Publish a New Project to GitHub

This is my favorite video in the series. There is a lot of chores between initianlizing a repo and pusing it to GitHub but VS Code has a single-button alias for all of those chores:

3. How to Manage Git Branches and Merge Conflicts with VS Code

It’s always helpful to have an extra hand in figuring out how a project is synced and where conflicts are happening. VS Code has a very effective and visual way of guiding you through both managing branches and understanding what to prioritize in a conflict

4. Push and Pull with VS Code

In this video, I will walk you through not only pushing a repository to GitHub but also how to pull from it and manage conflict if any occurs while pulling

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