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5 Coding Courses with Bundled Streaming & Code-Sharing ✨

As a company, we want to provide a streamlined experience to code newbies. Videos tutorials are a favourite amongst people learning how to code because so many of us are visual learners. But with video tutorial platforms, accessing the code being written in the tutorial forces you to use an external source, like a GitHub repo or a Codepen.

CodeCast came to be a solution to this problem. We created our Player, which wraps live tutorials into a virtual code environment - the code in the tutorial is auto-updated into the virtual environment for you to interact with.

Our next step was to allow users to create courses (which we named Series), which offer bundled tutorials around a single topic presented in our unique Player.

Today, we want to showcase 5 of our favourite Series on CodeCast so far. Oh, and did I mention they are all free?

1. Intro to Elixir

Intro To Elixir

This course is exactly the kind of thing we dreamed of when creating CodeCast. So much so that this course is actually brought to you by our founder, Tam! It includes over 7.5 hours of interactive content and tutorials, covering all the basics in Elixir. Nearly every tutorial comes with practice exercises to hone your skills, and by the end of the course you build out your own project using a Star Wars API.

Elixir is growing in popularity as a functional backend language, so it's the perfect time to add it to your skillset.

Star Wars Gif

2. Build A Linktree Clone Using React

Linktree Clone

If you're looking for a React project to add to your portfolio, why not create this Linktree clone? Better yet, it's something you can actually use while branding yourself.

In this four-part Series by Michael Tirona, you'll go over creating the components, styling, and deploying the app!

3. Create A Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website

In this Series by Amy Oulton, you'll create an entire portfolio website from scratch using only HTML & CSS. In nearly four hours of tutorials, you'll use tools like Figma and free resources to create the initial design before diving into actually developing the website. Once the development is done, you'll deploy the website using Netifly!

4. Introduction to Next.js


Next.js is a popular and powerful framework that is built on top of Node.js and React to allow for server-side rendering. It's most commonly used to create single-page apps and has established itself quite heavily in the developer community.

This Series by Shahzaib Kamal goes over all the basics of working with Next.js, from installation and setting up your environment to working with routes and even fetching data from APIs.

5. Canvas API


The Canvas API offers a lot of functionality, and in this Seris, Jannat showcases how to use it to do things like drawing shapes, streaming videos and taking snapshots, and even using it to take in users' signatures!

Coolness gif

Basically, we're really excited about some of these courses. 😃 The only thing you need to access these is a CodeCast account, which is entirely free to make. Plus, then you get to be apart of our fantastic community!

Creating Series

If you're interested in creating a Series for CodeCast, we would be excited to have you! All you need to get started is our Studio, which is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux (and in case you haven't guessed it, also free!).

If you're not sure how to get started, go ahead and watch this tutorial on using our Studio!

Be sure to follow us here and everywhere to stay up to date with our latest features!

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