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Top 3 Casts Of The Week #1

Welcome to our brand new series where we feature some of the incredible Casts our community makes! Each Friday, we will release a new blog that will showcase 3 Casts. These Casts will also be updated on our homepage in the featured panel! To get a chance of being featured, create a Cast using our Studio. Be sure to include a codebase and when you're finished, add a cover, topics and a good title and description! Not only will this increase your chances at being featured, but it will increase the likelihood of other people watching your Casts! So without further ado, here are our top 3 Casts of the week!

Canvas API: Getting Started by @kauress

Canvas API Cover Photo

In the first video of her Canvas API Series, Jannat takes you through the basics of utilizing the Canvas API. From there, she shows you how to set up the canvas in its barest form on the page. This video is followed up by many fantastic videos walking you through creating different shapes, signing documents, and taking snapshots. If you found the video as helpful as we did, be sure to give her a follow so you can stay up to date with all the latest content she releases!

Find the video here: ⭐️

Creating Our First Next.js App by @shahzaibkamal

Next.js Cover

In the second video in his Introduction to Next.js Series, Shahzaib goes over generating your very first application with Next.js. The Series a whole takes you through all the fundamental building blocks of working with Next.js, as well as teaching you the sheer power and capability that the React framework possesses. I would recommend you watch the entire Series (of course), but for anyone wanting to get started with the very basics, this is a great video to help you get started! Be sure to follow Shahzaib to stay up to date with his latest content!

Find the video here:

Creating a Portfolio Website (Planning & Designing) by @amy

Portfolio Cover

Amy created an entire Series walking newbies through creating their first portfolio website, from the designing stage all the way to the deployment stage, just using HTML & CSS. In this video, she uses Figma and goes over some of the basic tools in Figma to begin creating the initial design before you ever start writing any code! If you enjoy her content, be sure to follow her because she has lots more coming!

Find the video here: 🔥

Let us know what videos you were loving this week on our socials!

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