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15+ Best Dark admin template for 2023

Having a bright and clean website can be a good way of creating a good first impression of your site, there is something to be about a dark and mysterious look as well. With a well-designed dark theme, it is possible to create a website that just oozes class and professionalism in a way that brighter themes would be hard-pressed to reproduce. It is best for the photographer and creative field.

BERRY - React admin dashboard

Berry Admin Dashboard Dark version

CodedThemes launched the Material based React Admin Dashboard Template called BERRY. Using the Material-UI library to build faster, beautiful, and more accessible React applications. Berry is SEO Optimized and compatible with all major browsers(such as Mozilla, Chrome) and devices(Tablet, laptop). The template comes with a Light dark version which is easy to access. 


• Build on Material-UI

• Rich design

• Based on React-hook

• Fast loading

• Light dark version

Materially React admin template

Materially React Dashboard Template

Materially is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable React Hooks + Redux with Material UI. It is the most convenient react hooks admin dashboard template for developers as it's made with React Hooks, Components, Create React App, Redux, clean code, and fully documented which allows you to build eye-catching, high-quality, high-performance responsive single-page applications.

It comes with a performance-centric code for easy understanding. The template uses 3rd party authentication such as JWT, Auth0, and firebase.

• Dashboard, 50+ Widget Cards
• JSS Powered
• 75+ Pages
• 6 months of free technical support
• Easy to customize


Alt Text

Dashboardkit is built using Bootstrap 5 beta version which is perfect for novice developers, designers, project managers, and owners. It comes with simple and easy to use design. Everything is simple and well organized and you will quickly able to get an idea of how to use this theme.
Dashboardkit is easy to install and configure. It comes with a simple and professional design as well as contains 200+ pages that are easy to customize.

Able Pro admin

Able Pro

Able Pro is a flexible bootstrap 4 admin template with a flexible and responsive layout. It is fully responsive and maintains high performance. Able pro comes with a light and dark theme. It gives you the ultimate creativity option developer customize according to project needs.


  • 1000+ UI element and 500+ Form elements
  • Detail online documentation
  • 100+ ready-made wizard
  • Assigned animation to any element
  • Free update and support


Porto Admin Template

Porto is one of the best choices for new projects starting from scratch. It is a fully SEO optimize admin theme that provides high performance to your website.


  • 20+ design dashboard
  • Super high performance
  • Customizable
  • Online documentation

Datta able bootstrap admin template

Datta Able Dark Bootstrap 4 admin Template

Datta Able is a simple and elegant bootstrap admin template. It comes with a minimal design and coding. Its eye-catching layout provides 30+ color variations and if the user can customize color with a single change of SCSS file. The best feature is it comes with a video tutorial that solves every problem regarding installation.


  • 120+ page layout design
  • Amazing template layout with UI kit
  • SEO optimized and fully responsive
  • Live customization
  • Well structure code and design

Frest admin template

Frest admin template

Frest is a clean and minimal Bootstrap admin template with dark/light layout, animated icons, and RTL options. It is developer-friendly, rich with features and customizable. When it comes to creating an application with distraction-free UI, it does not get better than Frest. Frest admin template helps you to create eye-catching, high quality and high-performance quality tested applications.


  • CRM System
  • E-commerce backend
  • Project management App
  • Functional app (E-mail, Chat, Kanban, Todo, Calender, invoice, File manager)
  • Fully responsive

Vex Angular 8 admin templates

vex admin dashboard with angular 8

Vex to be as much and as easy as possible to customize. Navigation Menu Items can be added dynamically from anywhere, all pages are easily customizable and new pages can easily be added by just generating a component with the awesome Angular-CLI.


  • Blazing fast and lightweight!
  • Incredibly small bundle size
  • Clean and smooth design
  • Material Design with Angular Material
  • Latest Angular version

Gradient able bootstrap admin template

Gradient able bootstrap admin dashboard

Gradient able is a built using bootstrap 4 beta frameworks. You can say that it is a featured rich admin template. It’s elegant and classy design is best for the professional and business. It gives a sleek and beautiful look. This admin template compatible with all major devices such as mobile, template, etc. it comes with a powerful feature such as drag-drop builder, button, alerts, badges, widget, etc.


  • 50+ pre-design chart
  • Clean and minimal design
  • Fully responsive
  • Google map integration
  • Cross-browser capabilities

Wieldy react admin template

Wieldy react admin template

Wieldy is a complete React admin template and Starter kid that follows the Ant design concept and implements the Ant design framework for developing the app. It has the entire necessary React library to develop a robust small to complex application in a shorter time span.


  • Ant design (Popular and component Rich UI Library for React app)
  • 10 Awesome layout
  • 100+ Widget and Metrics
  • Powerful map library (Am maps, Google map)
  • Github Access

Guru able bootstrap 4 admin panel

Guru able bootstrap 4 admin panel

Guru able is a powerful and feature-rich admin panel built with Bootstrap 4. It is a beautiful visual aesthetics that combine the soft color with well-suited typography and graphics. Guru able is one of the best examples of astute work. It comes with 35+ demo variations such as (RTL Demo and sidebar demo). The best feature is the live customization of sidebar navigation. It comes with a 1200+ UI element and 300+ widget collect as well as 150+ pre-design chart layouts. The best feature is that it’s available in dark and light variation. It supports live customizer. The template is retina ready so it works the same all devices.


  • Live customizer
  • Pre-design chart and page layout
  • Support all browser
  • Retina ready

Metrica - Admin & Dashboard Template

Metrica admin template

Metrica is a Bootstrap 4 admin dashboards and multipurpose UI kit. It is fully responsive and includes an awesome feature to build a fast and responsive web application. Metrica includes well design and developed layout, components, element, widget, and application page allowed to create a SaaS-based application.


  • SaaS Support
  • RTL Support
  • Analytics app
  • Apex chat library
  • Google and Vector map
  • Responsive layout

Elite Able bootstrap 4 admin template

elite able admin panel

It is a clean and incredibly modern and extremely responsive dashboard. The template is a convenient, cutting edge platform for webmasters, developers, and apps or tech startup. It also includes awesome tools for helping you craft the end-user interface of your web app.


  • 150+ ready to use widget
  • 14+ new advanced layout
  • Fast loading
  • Responsive and retina ready

Cork - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Cork admin template

Cork Admin also comes with a multitude of reusable components such as buttons, maps, charts, widgets, forms, tables and a bunch of elements that you can include in your project. The design is responsive and is 100% adapted to mobile devices of all sizes.


  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • SASS Powered
  • Dark and Light layouts
  • RTL demos
  • Flexible Charts and Maps

Mash Able Bootstrap 4 admin template

Mash Able Admin template

Mashable is a flexible admin template built using bootstrap4. It’s clean and sophisticated design attract user attention. The theme is easy to use and easy to manage all the elements. It comes with a live customizer and light-dark layout.


  • 2000 pages
  • 80+ plug-in and 1000+ UI
  • Fully responsive

Next angular admin dashboard

Next Able Angular admin template

Next admin dashboard comes with a high feature-rich page, components. It is fully developer-centric. While developing a Next we have gone through various testing and code optimization process that helps to speed up performance.


  • 200+ Pages
  • Live menu customize
  • 14+ new advance template
  • 50+ predesign chart
  • 150+ widget
  • Retina response Ready
  • Flexible coding

Limitless bootstrap template

Limitless bootstrap template

Limitless is a new professional admin template, based on the Bootstrap framework. Limitless is a powerful and super flexible tool, which suits best for any kind of web application. It includes a Starter kit – a set of blank pages that will make your developer’s life much easier. The limitless template is fully responsive, which means that it looks perfect on mobiles and tablets.


  • 4 pre-built layout
  • Liquid and boxed layouts
  • 1 main and 3 alternative layouts, 1000+ commented HTML pages

Flat able bootstrap admin

Flat able bootstrap admin

Flat Able is one of the unique dashboard templates. Which comes with tons of ready-made features. It has a stunning design concept and color combination. It comes with 4 extreme dashboards, 100+ widget, and infinite menu style, etc.


  • 200+ pages and 11+ page layout
  • 1000+ UI element
  • LTR and RTL layout
  • E-commerce page
  • Social timeline

Flash able admin template

flash able bootstrap template

Flash able is one of the most comprehensive bootstrap4 admin templates among all templates in the market. It is unique professional design comes with a rich feature and set of components.
It comes with 200+ pages, 60+chart, 150+widget, and 30+ plug-in default. Live customizer to choose what you need exactly for your project, Developer-centric code structure for things done easily, responsive and mobile-friendly.


  • Well design code structure
  • Easy to use
  • Live customizer
  • Light dark theme layout with variation

Mega Able admin templates

mega able admin template

Mega able is a clean and minimal design template built with bootstrap 4. It comes with 4 Dashboard options such as E-commerce, CRM, Analytics and project. The out of the box feature is a sidebar setting. It allows ser to change the left panel look and theme such as change the background color or set the image, change the header footer color. It is a fully responsive and retina ready.


  • 2000 pages
  • 80+ plug-in and 1000+ UI
  • Fully responsive
  • Customizer


Although the emphasis of this article may seem to be on the dark admin template, most of those listed have one or more unique features. It comes with both the light and dark theme option. A dark layout always catches the attention of the user. In this article, I recommended the best admin templates for all types of business whether it is e-commerce or CRM. All have a variety of features and a bunch of pre-built layouts.

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