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How networking for a month helped me

Over the last few years I joined a few social media platforms. I've been networking to improve my connections. In a month, I doubled my network on LinkedIn. Even though I'm still improving, it was a small victory.

Look into the inner circle

Start small by looking into friends or recent contacts and expand your network by looking a similar connections. On LinkedIn there are alumni network for colleges that I used to connect with a few graduates and groups that align with my professional goals.

Attend events and meetups

This opened up my network and introduced me to new people in various industries such as cybersecurity,video games, etc. I have met people who were willing to give me insights and valuable advice. Both local and virtual meetups are good opportunities for networking.

Have a pitch

The elevator pitch is still relevant for building a brand. Crafting a pitch will make you know your worth. The way your present yourself is a valuable marketing tool.

Don't expect a reply from everyone

Not everyone will respond to emails or messages. From the responses I did receive, I stated my intentions in a professional and honest way. It is best to move through the next contact and keep on trying.

When I first reached out to people, I was nervous and was afraid of having little progress. The first response I got encouraged me to reach out to others. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Any more advice on networking?

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