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Handling Form Submissions II

Leverage name

Previously, I advised against using name as it's mostly just clutter. But, now, we will actually want to use it. So, make sure that all of your inputs have a name attribute. Or, just use this Gist (includes HTML and CSS.


We simply pass our form into this constructor const myFormData = new FormData(form). However, if you console.log(myFormData) - it's just empty.

Don't fret. Read on.

There are many points regarding FormData and iterables covered in the docs.

The purpose of this post is to show how to convert your 'form data' into an object.


Again, the docs contain more details and examples. All we need to know is that our FormData can be turned into an object literal like so: Object.fromEntries(myFormData). That's it.

Filling out demo form and logging the finished object in the console

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