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How long until runs out of unique numbers?

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This is an exercise for code newbies. It actually doesn't require any programming, just a little bit of calculation:

  1. Consider a service such as that generate short Urls

  2. Assume that the generated key is always 7 alphanumeric characters long (using both upper case and lower case letters)

  3. Suppose people around the world are generating short Urls at a rate of 1000 short Urls every second.

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Question: How long takes until runs out of unique sequences for the short Urls?

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So first we have to calculate the number of possible URLs.
Each character can has 62 possible outcomes (26 + 26 +10).
And we have 7 alphanumeric characters.
Since the order of the characters is important (/abcde != /edcba) we have to apply the permutation 👨‍🎓.
But since we are replacing characters we have chosen before (e.g. /aaaa is possible) we have to use permutations with replacements.

626=56,800,235,584 62^{6}=56,800,235,584‬

So now that we have the number of possible URLs we just have to divide it by the frequency of the URLs being created.

56,800,235,5841000=56,800,235.584seconds \frac{56,800,235,584‬}{1000} = 56,800,235.584 seconds

So would run out in about ‬56,800,235 seconds (about 658 days).


Should have read the task better. It's 7 digits so it should have been 62^7

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