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Google I/O 2022: What's New in Flutter

Full article in Codemagic blog

Let's kick the discussion off with talking about our favorite framework, Flutter! Tim Sneath introduced how the developers worldwide have used Flutter to create over 500,000 apps with beautiful UIs across multiple platforms.

Sketch by Codemagic and Katerina Balakina

Flutter 3

In the developer keynote, Google announced Flutter 3! With the stable release for macOS and Linux, you can now take advantage of the framework to create apps for six platforms --- Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web ---  from a single codebase.

You can explore the list of new features and improvements in Tim's post on introducing Flutter 3.

By the way, Flutter 3 is already available on [Codemagic**](!**

Stable macOS and Linux Release

Canonical has worked on supporting Flutter and bringing the Flutter SDK to Linux, which is now a stable release. For the stable macOS release, you can create Universal Binary for your macOS app to support both Intel and Apple Silicon machines. Also, Flutter is now fully native on Apple silicon for development.

And when we talk about** Apple silicon**, we can't help but mention that your favorite CI/CD provider Codemagic has released the first M1 Mac mini build machines to the public! Take advantage of the blazing fast speeds for your Flutter builds! For details, please refer to the docs.

Casual Games Toolkit

The Flutter team also announced a new toolkit for speeding up the development of casual games on mobile. You can find all the information about it in their documentation, including a fully-featured game template app.

Flutter and Crashlytics

Do you know that 62% of Flutter developers use Firebase in their apps? Incredible numbers, right? Flutter now has fully-supported integration with Firebase.

In particular, the highlight of the integration was Flutter support for Crashlytics, where you could easily look into errors and solve them before it impacts your users. All you have to do is add the Flutter plugin to use the Firebase Crashlytics API.

See the full article with all mayor Google I/O 2022 announcements here.

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Andrew Baisden

So many new features eager to play around with them.