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Remote Career Summit 2020 (June 25th)

Remote Career Summit 2020

We're holding the Remote Career Summit 2020 on June 25!

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from the leading companies in remote work, attend workshops, and possibly even find you next remote role at the career expo.

It's free to attend (sign up here). Check out the information below.

We’re still adding new information and speakers — watch this space!


Here at Arc, we love remote work — our day job is helping expert remote developers find great projects and organizations, after all. So when the COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of people and companies to suddenly go remote, and the economic outlook began to look a bit shaky, we wondered how we could help. Could we help people “do remote better” and help people connect with job opportunities?

The answer we stumbled upon over a few team video chats was this: holding the world’s biggest virtual Remote Career Summit. This day-long event is part remote work conference, part virtual job fair.

We’re collaborating with some of the world’s top remote work experts and companies to bring you this unique opportunity to launch — or grow — your remote career. The best bit: there are still more talks to be announced 🎉

If this sounds as exciting to you as it does to us, welcome aboard!

Two-In-One Event

The Remote Career Summit 2020 is a two-in-one event, comprising a Career Conference and a Job Fair.

Whether you’re a developer, a designer, or a marketer, there’s something for everyone. We’re collaborating with some of the biggest names in the tech and remote working worlds to bring you insights. You’ll come away with new knowledge about:

  • Landing your first remote job
  • Online collaboration best practices, and
  • How to stand out as a candidate in the remote hiring process.

Intrigued? Check out the details below.

Career Conference Speaker Schedule — Main Stage

Arc — State of Remote Jobs

9:00-9:20am (PT)
In this opening keynote, Arc & Codementor Founder/CEO Weiting Liu walks us through the state of remote jobs in 2020, including key stats and insights.

Automattic x Buffer x GitLab — Under the Hood: Working at the World’s Biggest All-Remote Companies

9:30-10:30am (PT)
Join three of the biggest brands in remote as they have a conversation with Laurel Farrer of Distribute Consulting. You’ll learn what makes these companies tick — and what they look for when hiring. From remote processes to collaboration and cultural fit, don’t miss this opportunity to hear and compare remote expertise.

Doist x MURAL x Virtual Work Insider — How to Get Hired for Remote Work

10:35-11:15am (PT)
From the key skills you need to succeed at remote work and a look into the hiring process of remote companies, to tips on how to capture a recruiter's attention and the number one piece of advice job-seekers need to hear right now... don't miss this chance to hear how to stand out as a candidate.

DHH (Basecamp & HEY) & Tammy Bjelland (Workplaceless) — Building a Calm and Ethical Workplace

11:30am-12:10pm (PT)
This fireside chat promises wide-ranging insights on remote work management, integrating remote work into a previously-colocated company, and why trust and great writing skills help unlock calm productivity.

Roundtable — Diversity, Inclusion, and Remote Work

12:20-1:10pm (PT)
Join speakers from Career Karma, Under Armour, Workfrom, and Cota Capital as they discuss diversity and inclusion, and whether or not embracing remote work is a way to create more inclusive workplaces.

Dribbble x Creative Market — Management, Scaling, & Remote Culture: Dribbble’s Balancing Act

1:15-1:50pm (PT)
So your company’s fully-remote. Now what? Learn from the CEOs of Dribbble and Creative Market as they discuss building and scaling remote teams, preserving and refocusing culture, and management dos and don’ts.

Roundtable — Nail Your Next Interview: Tips for Job-Seeking Developers

2:00-3:00pm (PT)
Join speakers from Shopify, Zapier, and Help Scout for this must-listen session on getting hired as a remote developer. Whether it's technical interviewing, remote hiring processes, developer portfolio preparation, or self-improvement tips, it's all here.

Roundtable — How Design Teams Successfully Collaborate and Hire Remotely

3:10-4:10pm (PT)
How do remote design teams make decisions? What tools are they using? How do they hire? Learn the answers to these questions — and more — during this session with speakers from Microsoft, Dialpad, Coinbase, UnitedHealthcare, and Litmus.

Rand Fishkin (SparkToro) — Get Hired in Marketing... in 2020

4:15-4:45pm (PT)
What skills do marketers need in 2020? In this data-driven presentation, SparkToro CEO Rand Fishkin breaks down the must-haves and must-knows for current marketing job-seekers.

Ryan Choi (Y Combinator) — Why Work at a Startup

4:50-5:30pm (PT)
Thinking about working at a startup? What should you know? How can you assess a startup, and whether it's a good fit for you and your career? Y Combinator's Ryan Choi gives an insider's look into why you should — or shouldn't — work at a startup.

Arc — Closing

5:30-5:40pm (PT)

Talks, Q&As, and Workshops

Fernando Angulo (SEMrush) — Building Your Online Presence as a Marketer

12:00-12:30pm (PT)
SEO, influencers, and personal branding. How can you tie it all together to build your online presence as a marketer? Join SEMrush's Head of Communications to find out!

Caro Griffin (Skillcrush) — How to Land Your First Remote Job in Tech

3:30-4:00pm (PT)
So you want a remote job. That's great! But... where do you start? Skillcrush's Caro Griffin is here to help, with this presentation on how to find remote jobs.

Vinayak Ranade (Drafted) — How to Leverage Your Network

4:00-4:30pm (PT)
Spoiler alert: networking still matters, even for remote jobs. Get actionable tips on how to leverage your network from the CEO of Drafted.

Virtual Job Fair

The virtual Job Fair will be running in parallel to the Career Conference talks, and available at all times.

At the Job Fair, you can:

  • Discover companies still hiring in the Employer Expo
  • Chat with company reps to ask questions and learn more
  • Connect with other professionals and grow your network

What Are You Waiting For?

If you haven’t signed up for your free attendee ticket yet, now’s the time! Grab your ticket here.

Are you an employer looking to have your brand represented at the job fair? Click here.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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