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Beware Counterfeit No Starch Books from Amazon!

It turns out, Amazon itself (not a third-party seller on Marketplace) is selling counterfeit copies of No Starch Press books!

This is not the first time Amazon has done this, either...

What should you do?

  1. Order directly from No Starch Press, or from a reputable bookseller where you can handle the product and verify it's the real deal.

  2. Look for tell-tale signs of counterfeit books: thin paper, inconsistent margins, low-resolution text or images, mismatched spine, books that don't lay flat, et cetera. No Starch Press has a reputation for extremely high-quality books, so if you get anything that doesn't measure up to that standard, it's probably counterfeit!

  3. If you encounter a counterfeit book, please report it to No Starch Press immediately!

If Amazon is going to do this to a major publisher like No Starch Press, who else are they doing this to? Buy directly from publishers, or from reputable booksellers like Barnes & Noble!

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