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Getting started with serverless

Front Matter

I have been writing on freeCodeCamp since February of 2018 (back when they were hanging out on Medium). As I am figuring out my place in the Dev community, I developed this plan to keep writing on FCC and then cross-post over here. However, in a recent conversation with Quincy Larson, it's become clear that I shouldn't cross-post away from FCC. As he put it in a recent article:

We're focusing on substantial articles you can't read anywhere else.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time writing for FCC, and I absolutely plan on staying there. It's a fantastic platform that gets better by the day.

However, I love the community built here in, so I do plan on posting the videos I am making in conjunction with the articles. My hope is that this community can give me feedback, and discuss the topics in my videos. I think this fits into what FCC is trying to do.

What I'm trying to do

I want to make the best, most informative articles/videos I can, and I can't do that in a vacuum! I have some ideas for what to include in my new series: Practical Serverless, however, I'd really like to get feedback from the community on what they'd like to see done!

So, if you want to learn something about Serverless, or have inputs, check out my article I wrote on freeCodeCamp News and/or check out the videos below!

Thanks and happy coding!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Top comments (2)

devalnor profile image

Nice start, hope the watch the coming episodes šŸæ
Did you also tried Amplify? If yes, what is your quick opinion on it vs frameless framework?

codenutt profile image

I haven't yet, no! When I was learning, all the signs pointed to the serverless framework, so I followed the herd lol I will definitely have to check it out though. Might make for a good comparison video. Thanks for stopping by!