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Best Programming Language for Beginners

Its been a long long time since I wrote any post on this one.
So lets get back to the topic

Choose Your Programming Language to do your Programming Stuff

Lets First See what should be the Basics on which you should choose a Programming Language.

1. What are your Objective

Lets assume that you want to Build a Game and for that you are supposed to do your Programming stuff in C# but you know HTML and CSS ( Website Designing Languages) then my friend you aren't able to complete your task with your current Language Proficiency.

For Building the best you must use the right tool.

Now let's first dig into some different programming languages and see which programming language got what

1. Python

Python is Personally my favourite programming language. It's a high level language and which is globally used for Programming, Hacking, Web - Development, Desktop Applications and all.

          It is Robust, Easy to Learn, and Flexible and Most importantly It's Free. It is so Popular with easy to use and Powerful that even Google use it for machine Learning.
     For Web Development Django is often used by many popular Companies.

2. Java

Java is a High level Language which is completely Class based Programming Language and is also called OOPS based Programming language.
               It's also used for Web - Development, Graphical User Applications, and many more. Many of the Programs in today's world are being run on software made with Java. It's so closely packed that even Whole Android System is made on Java and Its most recommended for New Programmer or New Programmers.

3. C

It's the first Programming Language that I think all the Users were made to learn and I hope that you must be aware of this.
               It is a basic Programming language that Every Developer should learn because C is a Language which is Close to the Compiler and it is the most Powerful Programming Language with speed when compared to Python [Python is a bit slow as compared to C] it has also an Upgraded Version Known as C++/Cpp but for beginners its always is recomended to start with C and then its upon them to move to C++ or Java in my perspective after learning C a Programmer must start with Java and then C++ because after learning Java C++ will be more like revision to Java.

4. C-Sharp(C#)

It is a High Level Programming Language Developed by Microsoft also Known as Creator of Windows. It was mainly Developed for Windows only but currently in 2020 its support has been already Extended to Linux and even Mac also.
                Most of the Indian Government Websites are Running on Server whose backend is written on C# only ( Based on Personal Experience ) . It's also used for Game Development (Only Programming Language to Build Games like Assassin's Creed Odyssey).

5. Dart

It's a High Level Programming Language which is Developed by Google. It was Developed for Building Web Apps, Graphical User Applications. It was then further used for Developing Mobile Apps using Flutter ( Framework ) though with Flutter you can only build Android/IOS Apps but Building IOS/Android Apps with Flutter became so easy that both the Android and IOS Apps can be built with just a Single Code Base Now with Flutter you Don't have to write code in Java/Kotlin for building Android Apps and for IOS Apps you don't have to write your Code in Swift just use Flutter(which uses Dart as a Programming language Flutter is just a Framework of Dart) and all your Problem gets solved.

Conclusion Based on Personal Experience

As coming to the Personal Experience if you are a Complete Beginner in Coding area Your Path should be like listed below
          1. HTML   (You can also skip this)
          2. CSS   (You can skip this also)
          3. C
          4. C++
          5. Java   (Now to be something more than just a Programmer)
          6. Python   (For Python Programmer and AI/ML Programmer)
          7. C#   (For Game Developer)
          8. Dart    (For Mobile App Developer IOS/Android)

and if you are already into Programming for a bit of time then you must complete the List for your best Programming carrier.

Hope that You like it and its a huge time delay for this post but from now on you will get most recently I guess Once in Two weeks

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And as you can already see its a Part of my Programming for Beginners Series I am also trying to write more Posts but I want to get the Beginners to reach to a Level of every Other Programmer here. So Please be Patient.

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